[pypy-dev] __pycache__ folders

Stefano Rivera stefano at rivera.za.net
Tue Jul 31 12:35:56 CEST 2012

Hi Armin (2012.07.31_12:10:01_+0200)
> I think that PyPy shouldn't do that, because CPython doesn't.  If
> Debian/Ubuntu also hacked CPython to do that, then fine; we are then
> free to point users to them (blame them?) for issues :-)

We did seriously consider hacking cpython to do that, before introducing
2.7. But by that point, there was no real benefit, as 2.7 is the last of
the 2.x series.

I did it for pypy, as I thought it fairly likely that there would be a
benefit (there's no guarantee that pypy's bytecode format won't change
between pypy releases).

Only very esoteric code would break as a result of this change.

PyPy already has slightly different .pyc semantics to cpython, and has
PEP3149, a vaguely similar change, for C extensions.

It's worth stating that I did ask if there was any objection to the
patches I was applying, more than once, before the first upload to
Debian, and received none. The general opinion seemed to be that .pyc
files aren't liked much in the pypy community, at all, and this was
vaguely inline


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