[pypy-dev] How to get PIL to install?

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Sun Mar 4 14:58:30 CET 2012

Hi Jacob,

Googling around, I found this thread:


It seems related.  The basic issue is that "INT8" is already defined,
possibly as a #define macro, from somewhere inside PIL; then when it
#includes the standard header, crash.  Or maybe it's "UINT8" or
"SINT8", which are typedefs from
pypy/translator/c/src/libffi_msvc/ffi_common.h.  In the first case,
the version of PIL you're using wouldn't compile at all on VC++2008
even on CPython, so it looks unlikely (except in some case like
Python.h happens not to #include this standard header in CPython, but
doing so in PyPy).  To try to fix the second case, try renaming UINT8
and SINT8, which are defined in
./translator/c/src/libffi_msvc/ffi_common.h and apparently used only
once in ./translator/c/src/libffi_msvc/ffi.c.  (I think I'll rename it
anyway to avoid such issues.)

A bientôt,


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