[pypy-dev] base class hierarchy for string objects breaks translation

wlavrijsen at lbl.gov wlavrijsen at lbl.gov
Wed Mar 14 18:47:51 CET 2012

Hi Anto,

> uhm, it's possible that these are related to the recent changes by Christian
> about int/long on win64.
> If they break the translation, we should revert them.

I was first thinking that it's just a warning, but further downstream, the
translation still fails for me (translation of default, not the branch). See
the error message below.

There's a party I have to go to, so I'll leave it for a bit. I'll check the
push stream on bitbucket and I'll see a fix appear. ;)

Best regards,

[translation:ERROR]    File "/home/wlav/pypy-dev/pypy/pypy/annotation/unaryop.py", line 678, in simple_call
[translation:ERROR]     return bltn.analyser(*args)
[translation:ERROR]    File "/home/wlav/pypy-dev/pypy/pypy/annotation/builtin.py", line 156, in builtin_isinstance
[translation:ERROR]     if issubclass(typ, pypy.rlib.rarithmetic.base_int):
[translation:ERROR]  TypeError': issubclass() arg 1 must be a class
[translation:ERROR]     .. v2364 = simple_call((builtin_function_or_method isinstance), r_0, ((<type 'int'>, <type 'long'>)))
[translation:ERROR]     .. '(pypy.rlib.rarithmetic:139)is_valid_int'
[translation:ERROR] Processing block:
[translation:ERROR]  block at -1 is a <class 'pypy.objspace.flow.flowcontext.SpamBlock'>
[translation:ERROR]  in (pypy.rlib.rarithmetic:139)is_valid_int
[translation:ERROR]  containing the following operations:
[translation:ERROR]        v2364 = simple_call((builtin_function_or_method isinstance), r_0, ((<type 'int'>, <type 'long'>)))
[translation:ERROR]        v2365 = is_true(v2364)
[translation:ERROR]  --end--

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