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Hello ,

Spark View Inc is a market research company that uses Secret Evaluator to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. We work with some of the largest, reputable businesses in the world;from Fast Food Petroleum,Technology or Fashion Retailers and more.
Retail Survey Concept is presently recruiting Secret Evaluator in all states of the USA/CANADA .

POSITION TITLE: Secret Evaluator


START DATE: Immediate

COMMISSION: $300 Per Assignment (2 Assignments weekly).


You will be hired to conduct an all expenses paid surveys and evaluation exercises on behalf of RETAIL SURVEY CONCEPT®. Your job will be to evaluate and measure quality of retail service or gather
specific information about products and services. As our Secret Evaluator posing as normal customers, you will expected to perform specific tasks—such as purchasing a product or using a service.

We presently have a couple of outstanding contracts, which means you will be directed to outlets, firms and corporate bodies to report on your experience by forwarding us a mail.

PLEASE NOTE:You will be provided funds in advance for any upcoming survey via Checks and Wire Transactions to cover expenses.

You do not require any special skills for this opening, however in order to Apply for this job you need to ensure you have access to your e-mails two( 2) times a day and will reply to all notifications promptly.

Interested Candidates should simply fill the form below to make an Official Application:

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Xavi Mendez,
Evaluation Manager.
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