[pypy-dev] dotviewer bug on Windows system

bookaa bookaa at rorsoft.com
Sat Mar 31 04:43:15 CEST 2012

On Windows system, simply run:
    pypy-pypy-2346207d9946\dotviewer>dotviewer.py ..\pypy\doc\image\JIT.dot
will get a error:
    graphparse.PlainParseError: bad 'node'
Finally I fix this problem by add 3 line in parse_plain function of 
        if lines[i].endswith('\\\n'):   # line ending in '\'
            lines[i] = lines[i][:-2] + lines[i+1]
            del lines[i+1]
        elif lines[i].endswith('\\\r\n'):   # line ending in '\'
            lines[i] = lines[i][:-3] + lines[i+1]
            del lines[i+1]


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