[pypy-dev] cffi wrapper for libeinspline, a cubic B-spline library, runs on Pypy

Kay F. Jahnke _kfj at yahoo.com
Sun May 12 11:12:52 CEST 2013

Hi group!

I've been working on wrapping libeinspline, a comprehensive C library 
for creating and evaluating cubic B-splines in 1-3 dimensions and real 
and complex data types. The wrap is done using cffi, and it runs with 
Pypy and Cpython. I've now put an alpha version online at


I am pointing you to this project since it actually works well with Pypy 
and has a few bits in it which you may find inspiring. I'd welcome 
comments. I wrote the wrapper because I wanted B-splines for a Pypy pet 
project of mine and couldn't find anything suitable. It may be of use 
while a Pypy version of scipy hasn't materialized, and even has a few 
bits which I haven't found in scipy.

Kay F. Jahnke

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