[pypy-dev] pypy 2.2.1 win32

Johan Råde johan.rade at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 15:43:55 CET 2014

Hi Carl Friedrich,

What kind of benchmark do you prefer?

A benchmark that shows how great PyPy is compared with C-Python?
Then you might use Sunfish, https://github.com/thomasahle/sunfish. 
Sunfish does not have any offical benchmarks, but I think you might 
could use test.selfplay() as a benchmark. (It has Sunfish play against 
itself, and it plays the same 84-move game each time.) This benchmark 
shows that PyPy is 3.5 times faster than C-Python.

Or do you want a benchmark that shows how poor PyPy is, and maybe 
suggests where some improvement might be needed?
Then you could use PyChess, http://code.google.com/p/pychess. PyChess 
comes with an official benchmark, 
pychess.Utils.lutils.Benchmark.benchmark(). It shows that PyPy is only 
25% faster than C-Python.

Sunfish is a bit of a toy program (but what a nice toy!). PyChess is a 
real chess program, maybe the leading chess program in Python.

Best wishes,

On 2014-02-28 13:05, Carl Friedrich Bolz wrote:
> Hi Norbert,
> On 28/02/14 08:03, norbert.raimund.leisner at arcor.de wrote:
>> I ask you because a chess program "Sunfish"
> https://github.com/thomasahle/sunfish/ is using pypy.
> Unrelated to your actual question, this sounds like a very cool
> addition to our benchmark set. Somebody feel like adding it?
> Cheers,
> Carl Friedrich

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