[pypy-dev] GSOC: Introduction and Interested in Numpy Improvements Project

Rajul Srivastava rajul.iitkgp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 17:34:37 CET 2014

Hi all,

My name in Rajul, and I am a final year undergraduate student at the Indian
Institute of Technology Kharagpur. I wish to participate in
Google Summer of Code 2014, and while going through the list of
organisations, I came across PyPy. I am proficient with programming
languages C/C++, Python, Java, Groovy, Ruby. I am very interested in the
fields of Algorithms, Computational Sciences, and Software Engineering.

I have always been interested in programming and in the past I have
participated in Google Summer of Code 2012, with the organisation
Network Time Foundation,working on the project "improving the
Logging/Debugging System of Network Time Protocol Software". I have also
interned in the Global Technology division of Barclays, during the summers
of 2013, working with the Market Risk IT team. Besides I have worked on a
few Research projects in the fields
of Computational Finance, Complex Networks, and Computational Chemistry. I
am currently working on my Thesis project in the field
of Computational Sciences on a project titled "Network Analysis
of Chemical Reactions". I have had courses in the fields of Programming and
Data Structures, Complex Networks, Distributed Systems,
Algorithms, Operations Research in the past.

I have gone through the list of project ideas and I found all of the
project ideas very interesting. Although I find all the projects listed
worth a while, I am particularly interested in the "Numpy Improvements"
project. I suppose that my programming background is suitable for these

I shall be grateful if anyone can help me and give me reference to the
literature that I may use and also shed some light on how I can go about
making a successful proposal.


Best Regards,
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