[pypy-dev] Running Tests for the py3.3 branch

marky1991 . marky1991 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 22:45:39 EST 2015

In case anyone is curious: The pypy-c tests were failing because
ultimately, the pypy binary has to always use lib_pypy. When I updated my
working copy to py3.3 after generating the pypy-c binary, my pypy-c binary,
which was still just a python2 binary, was now incompatible with the
working copy's lib_pypy, which expected a python 3.3 binary. Using my
apt-get provided pypy works properly because it is using its own lib_pypy
defined elsewhere (which is still correctly a python2-compatible lib_pypy,
not my now-3.3 lib_pypy). And of course, using "python2" works fine because
it doesn't use any lib_pypy at all.
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