[pypy-dev] stmgc: rethinking the GC?

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Tue Dec 22 02:30:31 EST 2015

Hi Remi,

Just thinking about stmgc: currently it requires large transactions in
order to work efficiently.  I think it is mostly caused by the fact
that transaction commits always force a minor collection.  Maybe we
should rethink that at some point, by changing the GC completely...
There are moving GCs that are really concurrent but they tend to be an
advanced mess.  Maybe a better alternative would be to experiment
again with non-moving GCs.  Non-moving generational GCs are not very
common as far as I know, but they do exist; for example see
http://wiki.luajit.org/New-Garbage-Collector .

A bientôt,


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