[pypy-dev] Dead loop occurs when using python-daemon and multiprocessing together in PyPy 4.0.1

hubo hubo at jiedaibao.com
Wed Dec 23 06:54:44 EST 2015

Thanks for the response. Should I put it directly in the bug tracker?

FYI, I've located the reason to be the incompatibility with python-daemon (or rather the standard unix-daemon behavior) and PyPy posix.urandom implementation. 

It seems that in PyPy 4.0.1, when module random loaded, a file descriptor is created on /dev/urandom. I think PyPy implementation use the shared descriptor to read from /dev/urandom. Sadly when python-daemon fork the process and turns it into an unix daemon, it closes all the currently open file descriptors. After that all os.urandom calls failed with OSError. I think maybe the other functions of Random class is also using the file descriptor in C code and just never detects if the return value is 0, and causes the dead loop.

I think the problem will be solved if the implementation re-open the handle when it is closed somehow.

multiprocessing is using random internally. Also there are lots of other modules using random, like email etc. The dead loop occurs when you use any of the libraries in a daemon.



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Hi hubo

Can you put it as a bug report? Those things get easily lost on the mailing list (and sadly I won't look at it right now, multiprocessing scares me)

On Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 12:03 PM, hubo <hubo at jiedaibao.com> wrote:

Hello devs,

A (possible) dead loop is found when I use python-daemon and multiprocessing together in PyPy 4.0.1, which does not appear in Python(2.6 or 2.7). Also it does not appear in earlier PyPy versions (2.0.2)


First install python-daemon:
pypy_pip install python-daemon

Use the following test script (also available in attachment):

import daemon
import multiprocessing
def test():
    q = multiprocessing.Queue(64)
if __name__ == '__main__':
    with daemon.DaemonContext():

When executing the script with pypy:
pypy test.py

The background service does not exit, and is consuming 100% CPU:
ps aux | grep pypy
root      7769 99.1  0.5 235332 46812 ?        R    17:52   2:09 pypy test.py
root      7775  0.0  0.0 103252   804 pts/1    S+   17:54   0:00 grep pypy

Executing the script with python:
python2.7 test.py
And the background service normally exits.

I'm using CentOS 6.5, with portable PyPy distribution for linux (https://bitbucket.org/squeaky/portable-pypy/downloads/pypy-4.0.1-linux_x86_64-portable.tar.bz2)
I run the script on system built-in python (python 2.6.6), a compiled CPython (2.7.11), and pypy from epel-release(pypy 2.0.2, python 2.7.2), and the problem does not appear. Though the compiled CPython is 2.7.11 and PyPy 4.0.4 is python 2.7.10, I think that does not matter much.

Please contact if you have any questions or ideas.



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