[pypy-dev] distutils configuration

David Callahan dcallahan at fb.com
Wed Oct 4 08:52:33 EDT 2017

I need to adjust the default configuration used by “distutils” for compilation.

In my default build of branch release-pypy3.5-5.x, the toplevel “distutils.sysconfig” dispatches as follows:

if '__pypy__' in sys.builtin_module_names:
    from distutils.sysconfig_pypy import *
    from distutils.sysconfig_pypy import _config_vars # needed by setuptools

and sysconfig_pypy.py unconditionally sets some configuration variables such as “CC” and “LDSHARED”.

CPython reads from a configuration file which can be change with an environment variable and it is this technique we use.  This does not yet seem supported in PyPy’s alternate implementation “distutils.sysconfig_cpython.py”

Two questions:
Generally, why are there are two implementations of sysconfig and what motivates the default choice?
What changes are recommended to allow a configuration file here?


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