[pypy-dev] Automated binding generation (and maintenance)

wlavrijsen at lbl.gov wlavrijsen at lbl.gov
Wed Oct 11 12:57:29 EDT 2017


> Oh wait, I think I see that cling-config is installed by the cppyy
> package. (Seems a tad confusing, ho-hum).

no, it's in cppyy-cling, which was freshly pulled in when starting from
cppyy, as all has been updated to take that new split into account. (I'm
not sure how to force such updates otherwise.)

As for the reasons for splitting and the overall package structure, rather
than posting it here, I added it to the docs:


Basically, I want to avoid having to republish/reinstall all of Cling/LLVM
whenever I make a small change in the wrapper, as the former changes only
very infrequently (and takes a long time to build, as opposed to the wrapper
which is just a single C++ file).

I hope this is the last change I need to make to the package structure. :)

Once 1.0 is out, I'll look into whether something like conda is better
than pip (given the amount of C++ code). For now I think pip will do.

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