[pypy-dev] fiber support

David Callahan dcallahan at fb.com
Mon Oct 16 15:18:07 EDT 2017

folly:fibers  (https://github.com/facebook/folly/tree/master/folly/fibers ) is a C++ package for lightweight, cooperatively scheduled threads.  We have an application which extends this to CPython by adding the following save/restore code around task function invocation:

      auto tstate = PyThreadState_Get();
      auto savedFrame = tstate->frame;
      auto savedExcType = tstate->exc_type;
      auto savedExcValue = tstate->exc_value;
      auto savedExcTraceback = tstate->exc_traceback;
      tstate->frame = savedFrame;
      tstate->exc_type = savedExcType;
      tstate->exc_value = savedExcValue;
      tstate->exc_traceback = savedExcTraceback;

(here func is a boost::python::object)

This does not work in PyPy 5.9 immediately because the thread state object does not expose these fields nor are there accessor methods.

Is there a way to get similar effect in PyPy?


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