[pypy-dev] Automated binding generation (and maintenance)

Shaheed Haque srhaque at theiet.org
Wed Sep 13 00:23:45 EDT 2017


I have been looking at the problem of automated binding generation (and
maintenance) for large C++ code bases for a little while now [1], but am
new to cppyy.

One issue I am struggling to find a good solution for is to generate an
accurate list of the objects (classes, functions, variables etc) in a given
header file in order to populate the selection .XML.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to say "all objects in this translation unit".
I tried the wildcard "*" but I believe that selects the transitive fanout
(and runs into errors).

Short of running Clang directly to generate the names, what options do I
have? (Currently, I'm working around this by manually specifying a narrower
wildcard such as "KJS*").

Also, as I looked around for approaches to this issue, I noted that the
cppyy backend v610 5 source code has a "getAllClasses" whereas PyPI has I'm not sure of the mapping of versions, but what is the cadence
for updates to PyPI?

[1] https://marc.info/?l=kde-core-devel&m=150464598710128&w=2
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