[pypy-dev] pypy and pyproject.toml

wlavrijsen at lbl.gov wlavrijsen at lbl.gov
Wed Oct 7 13:30:17 EDT 2020


pip 21 is (likely) going to drop the fallback of running `setup.py install`
if wheels can not be build. I've been using that fallback b/c wheels are
not installed immediately on completion and do not respect the dependency
order for build-time, whereas `setup.py install` does.

With a "pyproject.toml" file, which pip supports, I can control the build
environment again and that works quite nicely for CPython.

For PyPy, however, I am unable to make selections based on the PyPy version.
I can make selections based on the PyPy Python version, e.g. 2.7, 3.5, etc.,
but I'm talking about the actual PyPy version (e.g. 7.2.0).

Does anyone know how to add a marker based on the PyPy version in a
pyproject.toml file? Or, how else to enforce build dependencies for pip in
the same way that can be done with the pyproject.toml file?

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