[pypy-dev] Help to contribute

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 17:35:59 EDT 2020

On 10/16/20 4:57 PM, Andrews Medina wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm want to get some time for week to contribute to pypy. I already 
> have sent a few pr's approved in the past with small py3.x lib fixes. 
> Do you think that this is a good way to restart to contribute? There 
> is a branch for 3.8 or there are things to fix in 3.7?
> Best regards,
> -- 
> Andrews Medina

Sounds great. The failing 3.7 tests can be seen on the buildbot 
http://buildbot.pypy.org/summary?branch=py3.7. Remember that we try not 
to change the lib-python tests without good reason. Those come from 
CPython and are the "golden results" by definition.

Also we have moved development to https://foss.heptapod.net/pypy/pypy, 
so you will need to request that we add you as a developer to the site 
so you can push new branches. Please disregard heptapod's recommendation 
to use "topic branches", we have decided to stick with the "named 
branches" from bitbucket days.


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