[pypy-dev] summary of PyPy progess since the 7.3.2 release

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 08:48:44 EDT 2020

We have made some good progress since the 7.3.2 release, it seems our 
activity is on an uptick. To keep the wave going, here is the status of 
the various things that have seen work lately with some "call to 
actions". This is my summary so it probably contains some errors. I will 
not call out specific contributors, since I would probably miss a few, 
but a big thanks to all of them.

default python2.7


The stdlib was updated to 2.7.18

We are still missing some basic cpyext compatability that users have 
asked for, I have started marking these issues with "cpyext"



The stdlib was updated to 3.6.12

There are a number of failures around weakref



The stdlib was updated to 3.7.4 for the release. There are numerous 
lib-python failures

There is a mysterious (to me) crash in the lib-python tests on windows

The regex library still needs updating to match upstream



There is a win64 branch off default! It appears to have no fewer 
failures than the default branch, but cpyext and micronumpy are 
disabled. There is also a win64-py3.6 branch, which translates but has 
problems running untranslated tests, I think due to some problem with 
the rsocket module and addresses.



The hpy backend module is active on the py3.6 branch and all its 
children. It is disabled on 32 bit and fails win64-py3.6 own tests.



We should switch the landing page to show benchmarks on the python3 
versions. This is a web-stack/devops task more than a rpython one, so 
might be a good place to get different contributors involved.

pypy + conda


Main packages like scikit-learn, scikit-image, scipy are all available 
on linux64 + arm64 + macOS on conda.

The current situation can be seen by going to 
https://conda-forge.org/status/, scrolling down 1/2 way to the "pypy 
migration" section, clicking the purple "in pr" button. "typed-ast" is 
the biggest blocker, and will not be solved soon. I think it is a 
false-positive for many of the children packages: they are not really 
dependent on it. Help here would be looking at the failures of your 
favorite package and nudging the upstream team to add PyPy to their CI, 
fix those failures, then fix the conda recipe and get it merged.

Any help would be welcome: whether coding, specific hints where things 
might be going wrong, marketing to get the work out that pypy + conda is 
usable, help getting sponsors or  coders to move the windows branch 
forward, help with conda feedstock recipes, ...


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