[pypy-dev] Is pypy still locked to 4GB RAM ? (64 bit Windows)

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 16:02:50 EDT 2021

There are two versions: a 32-bit one that is limited to 4GB, and a 
64-bit one that is not. We will be releasing the 64-bit one soon, the 
release candidate is already available on 
https://downloads.python.org/pypy/. You want the one that has win64 in 
the name.

Please try it out and tell us how it worked for you. Note if you want to 
use any c-extension packages like NumPy and lxml you will have to 
compile them yourself.


On 1/4/21 10:32 pm, Steven Mathews wrote:
> Is pypy still locked to 4GB RAM? Or fully 64bit Windows now? The docs 
> say 'finally done' but doesn't seem to specify if it means 
> compatibility-only or can handle over 4GB now.

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