[pypy-dev] pypy tests on aarch64 musl libc

Thomas Liske liske at ibh.de
Mon Apr 19 13:12:25 EDT 2021


I'm trying to contribute the packaging of pypy to Alpine Linux. I got 
the bootstrapping for x86 x86_64 and s390x working.
On aarch64 two of the pypy tests are failing[1]:

- TestLogParser.test
- TestMicroNumPy.test_reduce_logical_and

[1] https://gitlab.alpinelinux.org/liske/aports/-/jobs/367904#L4261

Are that known issues, is there anything I could do to help to fix them? 
I don't know if my packaging attempt will be accepted for Alpine. 
Running all tests without failures should not make it worse ;-)


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