[PyPy-issue] [issue523] Problem with libc on mac (cdll is None)

Leonardo Santagada pypy-dev-issue at codespeak.net
Mon Apr 26 10:44:51 CEST 2010

New submission from Leonardo Santagada <santagada at gmail.com>:

I've seem somewhere that this error is related to the libc on the system, I'm on mac os x 10.6.2 (snow 
leopard). I get this error when I try to run bzr on top of pypy-c trunk r74059.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "app_main.py", line 33, in run_toplevel
  File "bzr", line 76, in <module>
    import locale
  File "/Users/santagada/projects/pypy-trunk/lib-python/2.5.2/locale.py", line 30, in <module>
    from _locale import *
  File "/Users/santagada/projects/pypy-trunk/pypy/lib/_locale.py", line 80, in <module>
    _setlocale = libc.setlocale
  File "/Users/santagada/projects/pypy-trunk/lib-python/modified-2.5.2/ctypes/__init__.py", line 363, 
in __getattr__
    func = self.__getitem__(name)
  File "/Users/santagada/projects/pypy-trunk/lib-python/modified-2.5.2/ctypes/__init__.py", line 368, 
in __getitem__
    func = self._FuncPtr((name_or_ordinal, self))
  File "/Users/santagada/projects/pypy-trunk/pypy/lib/_ctypes/function.py", line 113, in __init__
    ptr = self._getfuncptr([], ctypes.c_int)
  File "/Users/santagada/projects/pypy-trunk/pypy/lib/_ctypes/function.py", line 198, in _getfuncptr
    return cdll.ptr(self.name, argshapes, resshape, self._flags_)
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'ptr'
Tracing:        4       0.002793
Backend:        4       0.001533
Running asm:            818
Blackhole:              818
TOTAL:                  0.614478
ops:                    3341
  calls:                180
  pure calls:           8
recorded ops:           88
  calls:                10
  pure calls:           0
guards:                 100
blackholed ops:         170
  pure calls:           0
opt ops:                182
opt guards:             48
forcings:               0
abort: trace too long:  0
abort: compiling:       0
abort: vable escape:    0
nvirtuals:              29
nvholes:                0
nvreused:               21

effort: ???
messages: 1698
nosy: hpk, pypy-issue, santagada
priority: bug
release: ???
status: unread
title: Problem with libc on mac (cdll is None)

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