[PyPy-issue] [issue608] Gibberish from ctypes

Dan Stromberg pypy-dev-issue at codespeak.net
Sat Dec 11 22:48:53 CET 2010

New submission from Dan Stromberg <strombrg at gmail.com>:

At SVN URL http://stromberg.dnsalias.org/svn/gdbm-ctypes/trunk I have a module 
that provides gdbm support via ctypes, suitable for use with pypy.

It has two tests included with it:
1) A basic functionality test
2) Something that creates object churn in the garbage collector and uses 
gc.collect(), hoping to get this bug replicated.  Unfortunately, it fails to 
replicate the problem.

Then there's SVN URL http://stromberg.dnsalias.org/svn/backshift/trunk - the 
tests/70-pypy-gibberish test of which consistently fails with some stuff that 
looks like line noise in the keys.  The values are always fine.

With regard to creating a minimal test to reproduce the issue, I'm not certain 
I'll have time anymore, but I hope to find it somewhere.  However, I'm concerned 
this may prove to be a heisenbug, and that a minimal test may be elusive.

I'm getting this with a pypy trunk from late in the day on 2010-12-10, shortly 
after the 1.4 release.  pypy 1.4 also has the problem.  Uses this gdbm ctypes 
module with cpython 2.6 or cpython 3.1 works fine though.

effort: ???
messages: 1992
nosy: pypy-issue, strombrg
priority: bug
release: 1.4
status: unread
title: Gibberish from ctypes

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