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Sun Apr 17 20:02:39 CEST 2011

New submission from Steven Marguet <steven.marguet at lgmt.ups-tlse.fr>:


I am quite new to Pyhton.
I have made a program which meshes a 3D space with troncated octaedra.
Since I have to create a lot of octaedra and that it was quite slow in pure
python, I have decided to try PyPy, "just to see"...

I have been amazingly surprised by the results. My code runs much faster,
even much faster than Fortran 95 code using exactly the same algorithm
(which might be not optimal at all, but respect for PyPy !)
To make sure there was no mistakes, I tried many compiler options of the
gfortran compiler, but PyPy was always faster ! (here is an example of the
options I used : gfortran -Wall -lf2c -O3 -funroll-loops -c "%f")

I now want to create a GUI to help my students to use
the mesher but a face a problem.
Since I am not familiar with GUI programming, I have decided
to try Tkinter about which I have read it was suited for beginners.

I was able to download the Pmw module and to build it on my computer
with PyPy :

cd MyDirectoryOfPwm
pypy setup.py install

I am now able to import it with PyPy.

My problem is that I am not able to do the same thing with Tkinker
and I really have no idea of how to proceed.
In the librairies of python, I can see the different files of Tkinter, but no
setup.py to reinstall it... I don't know if it is possible to write a program by
hand to perform the installation with pypy...

So if you have a little bit of free time and an idea to help me I would be
gratefull !

Thank you,


PS : a support of numpy and scipy by PyPy should also be awesome !

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title: Tkinter support by pypy

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