[PyPy-issue] [issue693] Coroutine garbage collection prevents switches

Chris Smowton pypy-dev-issue at codespeak.net
Tue Apr 26 14:06:34 CEST 2011

Chris Smowton <cs448 at cam.ac.uk> added the comment:

I'll do that when I get some time (likely this weekend). I think it's an design
issue more than a bug though -- you have to run that implied exit some time, and
you have to do *something* if the coroutine doesn't die during that invocation.
You could redefine the behaviour so you don't have an implied exit, just a
silent death? You could define it as a programming error to leave a coroutine as
garbage? Or the user could be required to cooperate with the gc, restoring the
property that a switch() always ends up where you intend?

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