[pypy-issue] [issue833] missing functions in the os module

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Thu Aug 18 20:20:38 CEST 2011

New submission from teepark <travis.parker at gmail.com>:

I ran into this when I needed os.fchmod, but there are quite a few names not 
present in pypy's os module (I'm on x86_64 linux, and I'm sure many of these aren't 
guaranteed to be there for any platform, but pypy on x86_64 linux should probably 
include them):

- getlogin
- confstr
- getresgid
- tcsetpgrp
- statvfs
- setresgid
- initgroups
- fstatvfs
- getresuid
- fchmod
- setresuid
- tcgetpgrp
- confstr_names
- setgroups
- pathconf
- fchown
- openpty
- ctermid
- statvfs_result

Please change the priority if "feature" isn't appropriate - it doesn't feel right 
but I don't know that cpython compatibility issues are being treated as bugs.

messages: 2975
nosy: pypy-issue, teepark
priority: feature
status: unread
title: missing functions in the os module

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