[pypy-issue] [issue949] 1.7 Sandbox problems

Richard Lobb tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Tue Dec 13 05:07:23 CET 2011

Richard Lobb <trampgeek at gmail.com> added the comment:

Yay! All up and running now :-)  I see your branch has already been merged with 
the trunk, too. Many thanks Ned and Fijal

Just one minor comment: as with version 1.4, the sandbox pours out streams of 
debugging messages even though sandlib isn't in debug mode. As with version 1.4 
I have patched sandlib.py, function get_node (around line 443), by replacing the 

        log.vpath('%r => %r' % (vpath, node))


        if self.debug:
            log.vpath('%r => %r' % (vpath, node))

I'm not sure if this is in any sense a "correct" patch but it works for me. 
Possibly there should be some such tweak in the released code?

Thanks again guys. I'm very impressed by pypy and its sandbox -- it has done 
great service for me in a Moodle quiz module that runs student-submitted Python 
code in the pypy sandbox.

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