[pypy-issue] [issue975] A jit bug crashes my app

Pilla Julien tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Sat Dec 31 17:53:37 CET 2011

New submission from Pilla Julien <vrlitwhai.kridanik at gmail.com>:

This is what I randomly get with the latest nightly build:

RPython traceback: 
  File "jit_metainterp_optimizeopt_optimizer.c", line 6113, in 
  File "jit_metainterp_optimizeopt_unroll.c", line 29632, in 
  File "jit_metainterp_optimizeopt_optimizer.c", line 5782, in OptValue_import_from 
Fatal RPython error: AssertionError 
Abort trap: 6

I've linked to this report the last 10k lines of my PYPYLOG=jit-log-noopt:logfile  

I initially thought it was caused by a call to random.shuffle but i'm not sure anymore 
now because even if I've isolated a seed, it seems I can't always trigger the bug.

files: logpypy
messages: 3605
nosy: MrGecko, pypy-issue
priority: bug
release: 1.7
status: unread
title: A jit bug crashes my app

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