[pypy-issue] [issue779] Can't install anything on windows with mingw

Jose Antonio Martin H. tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Tue Jul 5 01:48:11 CEST 2011

New submission from Jose Antonio Martin H. <jamartinh at fdi.ucm.es>:

Hi, I am trying to install several pypy packages on windows.

I use mingw32 as a compiler.

I can use mingw32 perfectly with python27 but the distutils version that 
ships with pypy give me several errors.

for instance:

"D:\pypy27\lib-python\modified-2.7\distutils\cygwinccompiler.py", line 
380, in check_config_h
     fn = sysconfig.get_config_h_filename()
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'get_config_h_filename'

If I modify distutils to correct this then I obtain another error:

"D:\pypy27\lib-python\modified-2.7\distutils\cygwinccompiler.py", line 
79, in get_msvcr
     raise ValueError("Unknown MS Compiler version %s " % msc_ver)
ValueError: Unknown MS Compiler version 1600

So, it seems that pypy does not support mingw32 (cygwincompiler) ?

Thanks a lot.

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title: Can't  install anything on windows with mingw

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