[pypy-issue] [issue753] pypy python interpreter MemoryError/crash

Stephen Bell tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Wed Jun 15 19:46:26 CEST 2011

New submission from Stephen Bell <bahejlbell at gmail.com>:

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, so please forgive me if 
this should be somewhere else.

I'm trying out pypy on my Windows XP 32 bit machine but when I run a simple 
benchmark script, PyPy keeps crashing on me.  Specifically:
* the pypy process balloons up to ~2GB in size
* I see the following traceback:
RPython traceback:
  File "implement.c", line 839, in entry_point
  File "implement_5.c", line 5243, in funccall__star_1
  File "implement_5.c", line 5272, in funccall__star_1
  File "implement_5.c", line 7266, in MiniMarkGC_collect_and_reserve
  File "implement_5.c", line 3243, in MiniMarkGC_minor_collection
  File "implement_6.c", line 36662, in MiniMarkGC_collect_oldrefs_to_nursery
  File "implement_7.c", line 43701, in trace___trace_drag_out
  File "implement_7.c", line 43222, in MiniMarkGC__trace_drag_out
  File "implement_6.c", line 43542, in ArenaCollection_malloc
  File "implement_7.c", line 54691, in ArenaCollection_allocate_new_page
  File "implement_13.c", line 43205, in ArenaCollection_allocate_new_arena
Fatal RPython error: MemoryError
* My Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger appears telling me that there was an 
unhandled exception in pypy.exe, and asks me if I want to debug it

This script I'm running is attached (it is a slightly modified version of what 
found here: http://txzone.net/2010/04/python-is-x-is-better-than-y-round-1-
vs-list/ ).  If I reduce the number of iterations to 1000, the script works 
Should I be doing something to tell pypy to tweak the JIT compiler for the 
number of iterations?

I installed using the pypy1.5 windows installer.  My questions are: 
* can anyone help me out with this error?
* In trying to trouble shoot the problem, I noticed several --jit command line 
options, but can't find documentation for these anywhere.  How do I use these?

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title: pypy python interpreter MemoryError/crash

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