[PyPy-issue] [issue674] sysconfig.get_config_var("CC")

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Mon Mar 14 23:38:31 CET 2011

New submission from ys <ysbalt at live.com>:

I am using the near-tip version of pypy on OSX. I am trying to install other
modules in pypy. The setup file relies on
distutils.sysconfig.get_config_var("CC"), which returns None. How can this be
added to pypy. To reproduce, in pypy-c:
$ pypy-c
>>>> import distutils.sysconfig
>>>> distutils.sysconfig.get_config_var("CC")
>>>> distutils.sysconfig.get_config_var("CC") == None
>>>> distutils.sysconfig.get_config_vars()
{'EXE': '', 'SO': '.pypy-14.so', 'SOABI': ''}

effort: ???
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nosy: baltcode, pypy-issue
priority: bug
release: ???
status: unread
title: sysconfig.get_config_var("CC")

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