[pypy-issue] [issue927] Task takes more time on nightly than CYthon 2.7

Zira tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Thu Nov 10 19:44:48 CET 2011

New submission from Zira <NeruYume at hotmail.com>:

from itertools import combinations
import time
string = string.lower()

minlen = 3
substrlen = 12
#Find combinations available letters can be arranged in
at = time.clock()
lookup = set()
for i in range(minlen, substrlen+1):
    for comb in combinations(string, i):

lookup = list(lookup)
lookup.sort(key=len, reverse=True)
print time.clock()-at

#This takes more time on pypy-c-jit-49069-62bc56457861-win32 than on CPython 
2.7 (64 bit) 

Took 90 seconds on pypy-c-jit-49069-62bc56457861-win32 and 45 seconds on 
CPython 2.7

messages: 3423
nosy: Zira, pypy-issue
priority: performance bug
status: unread
title: Task takes more time on nightly than CYthon 2.7

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