[pypy-issue] [issue940] Comparison with native application & cpython

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Sat Nov 26 11:12:34 CET 2011

Armin Rigo <armin.rigo at gmail.com> added the comment:

Actually, yes, it seems to be the case that it is not enough time for a complete
warm-up.  If I run it on a larger collection of files, it takes 2.8 seconds
under python2.7 and 2.2 seconds under pypy (after all files have been loaded in
the cache, of course, so without any actual hard drive access time).  On an even
larger collection: 16.3s for python2.7 versus 9.6s for pypy1.7.

Your script could go in our future collection of benchmarks that are designed
more precisely to measure (and improve) the warm-up time.  As you see, we didn't
put too much effort in that so far.

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