[pypy-issue] [issue893] PIL compilation problem on OS X Lion

Dustin Sallings tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Thu Oct 6 21:56:35 CEST 2011

New submission from Dustin Sallings <dustin at spy.net>:

Attempting to use pip and a virtualenv to install PIL under pypy 1.6 fails with the 
following error:

  File "/usr/local/Cellar/pypy/1.6.0/lib-python/modified-
2.7/distutils/unixccompiler.py", line 328, in find_library_file
    m = re.search(r'-isysroot\s+(\S+)', cflags)
  File "/Users/dustin/stuff/pypy/lib-python/2.7/re.py", line 142, in search
    return _compile(pattern, flags).search(string)
TypeError: unsupported operand type for unary buffer: 'NoneType'

This is a brew installed pypy 1.6 with a brand new virtualenv.

files: pip.log
messages: 3248
nosy: dustin, pypy-issue
priority: bug
status: unread
title: PIL compilation problem on OS X Lion

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