[pypy-issue] [issue691] pypy-head does not compile under Windows

Garen Parham tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Tue Oct 18 16:36:36 CEST 2011

Garen Parham <garen.p at gmail.com> added the comment:

On Windows 7 x64, trying to build trunk with pypy 1.6 crashes fairly early - the 
Visual Studio debugger throws up an Access Violation to address 0x00000000.

Went looking for a more recent build on the nightly builds page for win32, but 
all the recent win32 builds for sometime show up as 0B:


It doesn't look like there is a win32 build with all tests passing anywhere to 

Trying with the latest 32-bit python 2.7.2, it goes for quite awhile but 
eventually reaches the 2GB memory limit and crashes with a MemoryError--looks 
identical to what DragonSA reported in msg2492 on 2011-05-04.

With pypy 1.5, it makes more progress, but eventually crashes too:
  File "implement.c", line 839, in entry_point
  File "implement_5.c", line 5243, in funccall__star_1
  File "implement_5.c", line 5272, in funccall__star_1
  File "implement_5.c", line 7266, in MiniMarkGC_collect_and_reserve
  File "implement_5.c", line 3243, in MiniMarkGC_minor_collection
  File "implement_6.c", line 36662, in MiniMarkGC_collect_oldrefs_to_nursery
  File "implement_7.c", line 43655, in trace___trace_drag_out
  File "implement_7.c", line 43222, in MiniMarkGC__trace_drag_out
  File "implement_6.c", line 43542, in ArenaCollection_malloc
  File "implement_7.c", line 54691, in ArenaCollection_allocate_new_page
  File "implement_13.c", line 43205, in ArenaCollection_allocate_new_arena
Fatal RPython error: MemoryError

Using pypy 1.5 seems to "work" in that it doesn't crash prematurely, but like 
CPython runs out of memory:

[translation:ERROR] Error:
[translation:ERROR]  Traceback (most recent call last):
[translation:ERROR]    File "./translate.py", line 308, in main
[translation:ERROR]     drv.proceed(goals)
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\driver.py", line 
809, in proceed
[translation:ERROR]     return self._execute(goals, task_skip = 
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\tool\taskengine.py", 
line 116, in _execute
[translation:ERROR]     res = self._do(goal, taskcallable, *args, **kwds)
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\driver.py", line 
286, in _do
[translation:ERROR]     res = func()
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\driver.py", line 
505, in task_database_c
[translation:ERROR]     database = cbuilder.build_database()
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\genc.py", line 
168, in build_database
[translation:ERROR]     db.complete()
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\database.py", line 
306, in complete
[translation:ERROR]     add_dependencies(node.enum_dependencies())
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\database.py", line 
294, in add_dependencies
[translation:ERROR]     self.get(value)
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\database.py", line 
230, in get
[translation:ERROR]     node = self.getcontainernode(container)
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\database.py", line 
164, in getcontainernode
[translation:ERROR]     node = nodefactory(self, T, container, **buildkwds)
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\node.py", line 
833, in __init__
[translation:ERROR]     self.make_funcgens()
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\node.py", line 
841, in make_funcgens
[translation:ERROR]     self.funcgens = 
select_function_code_generators(self.obj, self.db, self.name)
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\node.py", line 
958, in select_function_code_generators
[translation:ERROR]     functionname)]
[translation:ERROR]    File "U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\c\funcgen.py", line 
51, in __init__
[translation:ERROR]    File 
"U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\exceptiontransform.py", line 201, in 
[translation:ERROR]     self.raise_analyzer.analyze_direct_call(graph)
[translation:ERROR]    File 
"U:\vcs\hg\pypy\pypy\translator\backendopt\graphanalyze.py", line 136, in 
[translation:ERROR]     self.analyzed_calls[graph] = result
[translation:ERROR]  MemoryError

(Using PYPY_GC_MAX_DELTA=200MB and loop_longevity=300 as suggested via the notes 
section of http://pypy.org/download.html)

Other than using editbin (wish seems kind of fishy) I'm about out of straws and 
stabs in the dark. :)

nosy: +Garen

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