[pypy-issue] [issue1054] Adding ELF metadata to generated code

Dirkjan Ochtman tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Thu Feb 16 10:09:06 CET 2012

Dirkjan Ochtman <dirkjan at ochtman.nl> added the comment:

This is what I ran into that made us come up with this patch:

 * QA Notice: The following files contain writable and executable sections
 *  Files with such sections will not work properly (or at all!) on some
 *  architectures/operating systems.  A bug should be filed at
 *  http://bugs.gentoo.org/ to make sure the issue is fixed.
 *  For more information, see http://hardened.gentoo.org/gnu-stack.xml
 *  Please include the following list of files in your report:
 *  Note: Bugs should be filed for the respective maintainers
 *  of the package in question and not hardened at g.o.
 * RWX --- --- usr/lib64/pypy1.4/pypy-c

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