[pypy-issue] [issue1045] Win32 crash of the JIT

Daid tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Thu Feb 23 17:07:25 CET 2012

Daid <daid303 at gmail.com> added the comment:

Partial success. This crash happens randomly it seems. But always with the same
Assertion backtrace:

Speed procedure took 0 seconds.
RPython traceback:
  File "jit_metainterp_optimizeopt_optimizer.c", line 9176, in
  File "implement_6.c", line 53453, in dispatcher_459
  File "jit_metainterp_optimizeopt_optimizer.c", line 7708, in OptValue_import_from
Fatal RPython error: AssertionError

This crash actually happened on Linux. So it doesn't seem to be OS dependend.
I've also had people report it under WinXP and Win7-64bit (running 32bit PyPy)

The PyPy version is:
Python 2.7.2 (0e28b379d8b3, Feb 09 2012, 19:41:19)
[PyPy 1.8.0 with GCC 4.4.3]

The speed messages are output from the tool.
I've attached a test case to reproduce this crash, with a script
"pypy_crash_test.sh" which runs the tool with the right options. All the files
needed are included. But this doesn't crash 100% of the time, more like 10% of
the time. So you might have to run it multiple times before you see the error.
But the error always happens at the same point, right after the "Speed procedure".

I tried to running it trough valgrind, while it did crash on that run, it was
dog slow, and valgrind didn't report any errors before the crash.

If I can assist in any other way, let me know.

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