[pypy-issue] [issue978] metainterp bug

Laurence Tratt tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Tue Jan 3 22:25:04 CET 2012

New submission from Laurence Tratt <laurie at tratt.net>:

With the latest Converge RPython VM, it's possible to trigger this assertion in
the JIT:

  RPython traceback:
    File "jit_metainterp_resume.c", line 13973, in blackhole_from_resumedata
    File "jit_metainterp_resume.c", line 14109, in
    File "jit_metainterp_resume.c", line 817, in
  Fatal RPython error: AssertionError

This can be triggered by:

  1) Removing @jit.dont_look_inside from either VM.execute_proc or

  2) Compiling the VM with --opt=jit.
  3) Compiling the Converge system. On larger files, the compiler will
     trigger the above assert. [I assume this only happens when traces
     get to a certain size and / or go down a certain path that compilations
     of smaller files don't hit.]

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title: metainterp bug

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