[pypy-issue] [issue1008] numpypy: commit the code for empty_like, zeros_like, ones_like

Dmitrey tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Mon Jan 23 18:32:42 CET 2012

Dmitrey <dmitrey15 at ukr.net> added the comment:

I have pasted latest version of my empty_like to http://pastebin.com/yUznKBGV ,
as for ones_like and zeros_like - they were taken from numpy sources (empty_like
is somewhere in c code). All tests passes well. Can I commit it right now? There
is an issue with subclassing I marked as unimplemented yet (line 72), but less I
guess than 1% of projects use numpy.ndarray subclasses, and we always can
implement it later.

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