[pypy-issue] [issue1020] segfault when running test_greenlet.py through pypy pytest.py

Justin Patrin tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Thu Jan 26 07:42:30 CET 2012

Justin Patrin <papercrane at reversefold.com> added the comment:

On both OSX and linux:

$ PYTHONPATH=. pypy/translator/goal/pypy-c.min pytest.py 
..ends with..
pypy/module/test_lib_pypy/test_greenlet.py zsh: segmentation fault  PYTHONPATH=. 
pypy/translator/goal/pypy-c.min pytest.py

pypy-c.min translated with
./pypy-c translate.py --opt=jit --output=pypy-c.min --gcrootfinder=shadowstack 

I'm unable to get that later error again now, but I'm getting segfaults when 
trying to run both.py through py.py with both python and pypy-c.min.

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