[pypy-issue] [issue1080] jit errors (infinite loop and str instead of token object)

Justin Patrin tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Thu Mar 8 23:49:36 CET 2012

New submission from Justin Patrin <papercrane at reversefold.com>:

The attached tarball has a scheme interpreter I wrote for fun and two scripts 
which have problems when run with pypy with a jit. If the jit is turned off they 
work as expected. I've narrowed the jit options down to 
enable_opts=intbounds:rewrite:virtualize:string:heap:unroll which cause the 
errors to occur. If all jit options except for unroll are specified 
(enable_opts=intbounds:rewrite:virtualize:string:earlyforce:pure:heap:ffi) then 
the issues go away, so it stands to reason that this is "unroll" related.

Running str_instead_of_token.py gets an error where a 'str' object is somehow in 
the place of one of my 'token' objects.

Running infinite_loop.py gets into an infinite loop when running the last enabled 

I have tested this with the newest version of pypy in hg:
$ hg summary                                                                                                                                
(jpatrin at jpatrin-mbp-lol:..ypy/translator/goal)
parent: 53272:d8c92dd23635 tip
 (fijal, arigo)
branch: default
commit: 1511 unknown (clean)
update: (current)

built with:
./pypy-c translate.py --opt=jit --output=pypy-c.new --continuation --thread --
gc=minimark --listcompr --clever-malloc-removal --insist --
gcrootfinder=shadowstack targetpypystandalone.py

files: jit_errors.tbz2
messages: 4055
nosy: papercrane, pypy-issue
priority: bug
status: unread
title: jit errors (infinite loop and str instead of token object)

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