[pypy-issue] [issue1342] Recursion question

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Tue Nov 27 21:02:28 CET 2012

New submission from Senyai <senyai at gmail.com>:


I wonder why recursion is so fast compared to linear approach.

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title: Recursion question

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import timeit

val = 9450847
_base = 62

def rec(n, ret):
    a, b = divmod(n, _base)
    if a:
        return rec(a, ret)
    return ret

def lin(n):
    ret = []
    while n:
        n, b = divmod(n, _base)
    return ret

for i in xrange(3):
    print "l", timeit.Timer('lin(val)', 'from __main__ import lin, val').timeit(number=1000000)
    print "r", timeit.Timer('rec(val, [])', 'from __main__ import rec, val').timeit(number=1000000)

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