[pypy-issue] [issue1259] module __file__ attribute shows wrong path

David tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Tue Sep 11 11:40:22 CEST 2012

New submission from David <david.schneider at uni-duesseldorf.de>:

The __file__ attribute for some modules shows a path corresponding to the system 
where pypy was translated and not where it is running. 
This causes one of the module/math app-level tests that use this attribute to load 
the math_testcases.txt file to fail, if the test are run on a different machine as 
the one used for translation. 

>>>> import math; math.__file__
>>>> import abc; abc.__file__

In other cases, like ctypes, the behavior is as expected, e.g.:
>>>> import ctypes; ctypes.__file__

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title: module __file__ attribute shows wrong path

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