[pypy-issue] [issue1406] pyopenssl-0.13 test suite trips up pypy in test_crypto.py test_ssl.py

Ian Delaney tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Sat Feb 23 08:06:56 CET 2013

Ian Delaney <della5 at iinet.com.au> added the comment:

ok thx fijal.  I fixed the first test inside 20 minutes by swtiching to the
Attribute Error.  The second 2 tests in test_ssl.py appear a totally different
Firstly are you suggesting the same applies here?  The file has a myriad of
entries of TypeError and despite extended efforts I couldn't find the source of
allocating the TypeError to the tests.
Secondly, the tests pass by following the prompt of the error msg. In

count = server.send(memoryview(b('xy')))

substituting memoryview with buffer in pypy sees them pass.  This to me isn't a
fix of the test, it's changing the test beyond its intent.
Do you know what a memoryview is?  In the test_ssl.py the making or defining of
memoryview loses me all together.  A buffer is a known structure, a memoryview
I've never heard of.

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