[pypy-issue] [issue1373] error when build gevent on macosx

Keith Yao tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Fri Jan 18 19:54:34 CET 2013

New submission from Keith Yao <i at yaofur.com>:

I have make some modify in `include/pystate.h` the `_ts` struct and build 

have no idea whether this simple modify will cause problems. 

typedef struct _ts {
  // PyInterpreterState *interp;
  // PyObject *dict;  /* Stores per-thread state */

  /* See Python/ceval.c for comments explaining most fields */

  struct _ts *next;
  PyInterpreterState *interp;

  struct _frame *frame;
  int recursion_depth;
  char overflowed; /* The stack has overflowed. Allow 50 more calls
                      to handle the runtime error. */
  char recursion_critical; /* The current calls must not cause
                              a stack overflow. */
  /* 'tracing' keeps track of the execution depth when tracing/profiling.
     This is to prevent the actual trace/profile code from being recorded in
     the trace/profile. */
  int tracing;
  int use_tracing;

  //Py_tracefunc c_profilefunc;
  //Py_tracefunc c_tracefunc;
  PyObject *c_profileobj;
  PyObject *c_traceobj;

  PyObject *curexc_type;
  PyObject *curexc_value;
  PyObject *curexc_traceback;

  PyObject *exc_type;
  PyObject *exc_value;
  PyObject *exc_traceback;

  PyObject *dict;  /* Stores per-thread state */

  /* XXX doesn't mean anything anymore (the comment below is obsolete)
     => deprecate or remove? */
  /* tick_counter is incremented whenever the check_interval ticker
     104      * reaches zero. The purpose is to give a useful measure of the 
   * of interpreted bytecode instructions in a given thread.  This
   * extremely lightweight statistic collector may be of interest to
   * profilers (like psyco.jit()), although nothing in the core uses it.
  int tick_counter;

  int gilstate_counter;

  PyObject *async_exc; /* Asynchronous exception to raise */
  long thread_id; /* Thread id where this tstate was created */

  /* XXX signal handlers should also be here */

} PyThreadState;

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title: error when build gevent on macosx

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