[pypy-issue] [issue1418] Wrong immutable_unique_id() for complex objects

Amaury Forgeot d Arc tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Mon Mar 11 10:33:34 CET 2013

New submission from Amaury Forgeot d Arc <amauryfa at gmail.com>:

First reported in https://bitbucket.org/pypy/compatibility/issue/2/pyyaml-310-test-failure-with-complex
Two distinct complex numbers can have the same id():

>>>> l = [-0.5j, 0.6-0.5j]
>>>> map(id, l)
(-36965545741457031161L, -36965545741457031161L)

This breaks memoization in the Yaml serializer, but also pickle!

>>>> pickle.loads(pickle.dumps(l))
[-0.5j, -0.5j]

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title: Wrong immutable_unique_id() for complex objects

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