[pypy-issue] [issue1638] FreeBSD: "shell 1" step fails due to sqlite3 not found

Tobias Oberstein tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Sun Nov 17 17:10:57 CET 2013

New submission from Tobias Oberstein <tobias.oberstein at gmail.com>:

The build step "shell 1" which I assume is there to compress a successfully
translated PyPy fails on FreeBSD.


The reason is that the buildstep wants to testsome cffi/sqlite3 thing (I dont
know why this is needed for compress, but anyway) which fails, since headers and
libs are in different locations on FreeBSD:


At least the cffi/sqlite3 thingy can be built by doing:

vi /home/bbslave_pypy/work/pypy-c-jit-freebsd-9-x86-64/build/lib_pypy/_sqlite3.py

_lib = _ffi.verify("""
#include <sqlite3.h>
""", libraries=['sqlite3'], include_dirs=['/usr/local/include'],

The test then succeeds:

/home/bbslave_pypy/work/pypy-c-jit-freebsd-9-x86-64/build/pypy/goal/pypy-c -c
"import _sqlite3"

I'm not sure where the best location to fix standard include/lib paths would be.

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title: FreeBSD: "shell 1" step fails due to sqlite3 not found

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