[pypy-issue] [issue1736] Multiple Pyglet bugs

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Tue Apr 15 13:52:50 CEST 2014

New submission from David Griffin <habilain at gmail.com>:

Conversation on bug 849 may be relevant.

Further to recent comments I've made on the blog about testing Pyglet with PyPy,
there are at least 3 examples in Pyglet which do not exhibit correct behaviour.
Testing was carried out with Ubuntu 14.04/PyPy 2.2+Ubuntu 14.04/latest PyPy
nightly binary and Pyglet 1.2-alpha; I believe that these problems have existed
for some time (probably as far back as PyPy 2.0 beta), but other issues
prevented Pyglet from being usable back then.

astraea example: On pressing a button on the title screen, PyPy segfaults with
an invalid memory access
noisy example: On a spawned ball bouncing off the window edge (triggers a
sound), PyPy segfaults. It rarely produces an incomplete rpython traceback,
which I haven't been able to capture.
text_input example: There appears to be a random chance whether any of the text
boxes will appear to accept input. Normally, they do not appear to accept input,
although sometimes 1 or more will. Note: I cannot confirm if the text boxes are
not receiving input at all, or are receiving input and not updating appropriately.

Also note: a number of pyglets examples will fail to work on cPython due to
apparent lack of maintenance. Hence any problems with the media_info,
media_player, video and soundspace examples are expected. Also, due to a bug in
Pyglet, image_convert will likely only produce PNG files under PyPy, regardless
of what is requested.

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title: Multiple Pyglet bugs

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