[pypy-issue] [issue1679] Segfault on 32bit pypy

Armin Rigo tracker at bugs.pypy.org
Wed Jan 22 12:51:56 CET 2014

Armin Rigo <armin.rigo at gmail.com> added the comment:

It turned out to be unrelated.  I tried compiling the .c files of Pillow with
the "-g -O0" flags.  The crash occurs in libfreetype.so when in the call
"FT_Get_Char_Index(face, ch);" from _imagingft.c:222.  As far as I can tell,
"face" and "ch" look reasonable.  The "self" out of which we have just read
"face" also looks reasonable, with ob_refcnt == 1 and a correct ob_type.

I guess the next step is to obtain a debug version of libfreetype and try to
debug it.  I'm not saying the bug is necessarily in libfreetype, but I'm not
excluding it either, and debugging both pypy and libfreetype together seems
required at this point.

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