[pypy-issue] Issue #1859: windows translated -A module/thread/test segfaults pypy (pypy/pypy)

mattip issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Thu Sep 4 16:09:21 CEST 2014

New issue 1859: windows translated -A module/thread/test segfaults pypy


this seems to be a shadowstack issue, since I've pretty much ruled everything else out :)

* running pypy.exe --jit off pypy/test_all.py pypy/module/thread/test/test_thread.py crashes pypy.exe, so it is not a jit issue
* The crash happens in AppTestThread.setupclass
* printing i in the ```for i in range(1000)``` loop reliably crashes with i==957
* compiling with -Od or running the code outside pytest.py does not crash, maybe connected to the testing infrastructure adding another 100 or so calls to begin_thread
* adding printf() in thread_nt.c indicates that the crash is not there, and that ``begin_thread`` is not returning -1
* running inside a debugger stops in interpreter/pyopcode ``handle_operation_error`` with an invalid ``self`` (frame) 

Responsible: mattip

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