[pypy-issue] Issue #2180: Segfault in Hypothesis test suite on pypy 4.0.0 (pypy/pypy)

David MacIver issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Mon Nov 2 03:05:29 EST 2015

New issue 2180: Segfault in Hypothesis test suite on pypy 4.0.0

David MacIver:

When running the test suite for current Hypothesis master (a1cfabe9d7e5ab1ffdbf1be9893c5c3b1667d0f6 of https://github.com/DRMacIver/hypothesis.git), pypy 4.0.0 segfaults pretty consistently.

The following command seems to segfault after a few minutes running:

PYTHONPATH=src pypy -m pytest tests/cover

The following subset segfaults most but not 100% of the time but is a lot faster:

PYTHONPATH=src pypy  -m pytest tests/cover/test_strategytests.py tests/cover/test_via_the_database.py 

I am happy to try to minimize this further if you want me to, but in the past it's been suggested that it's not that useful for me to do as long as you can reproduce it easily.

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